Thomson, Inness

Topaz Shooting Star Pendant

SOLD (ref 22329)


Amethyst Shooting Star Pendant

£110.00 (ref 22326)


Yellow Sapphire Shooting Star Pendant

SOLD (ref 22332)

Amethyst Backbone Cocktail Ring

£130.00 (ref 22163)


Topaz Shooting Star Double Pendant

SOLD (ref 22331)


Silver Pendant with Rutilated Quartz and Tzavourite Garnets

SOLD (ref 20941)

Yellow Sapphire Shooting Star Double Pendant

SOLD (ref 22334)


London Blue Topaz Engraved Silver Drop Earrings

SOLD (ref 22160)


Amethyst- Silver drop earrings

SOLD (ref 21795)

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