Faulds, Alan Curriculum Vitae

Alan Faulds was born 30 October 1951 in Glasgow. He has been exhibiting since 1996 with institutions such as SSA, SSAC, RSA, Rogues Gallery, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow Art Fair, Edinburgh Art Fair and many prestigious galleries throughout Scotland. In 1998, he was commended the Helen Keller Award in the Senses Scotland Exhibit at the Glasgow School of Art. .

My sculpture is both figurative and narrative often commenting on the human condition through dark humour or comical imagery. Bright colours often disguise the true nature of the subject matter where images are selected or combined for their variety of interpretation. The idea usually starts in response to some form of stimulus. Usually this will be visual: a poster at a Barcelona bus stop, an advertisement seen while waiting in the Metro, a medieval fresco with its underlying symbolism, the chiaroscuro of a Fritz Lang film, an 18th century theatre engraving, fairground art, My First Picture Dictionary, or maybe a Heath Robinson cartoon. Ultimately the image impacts in some way with my experience as a human or has an awareness of and response to what is going on in the world around me. Because I work slowly and have a relatively small output work is shaped and modified at each stage of its development.

The characters who inhabit my sculptures come from an imaginary group which I have called the Zirkus Dix. Like a real circus it can be read as a metaphor for the wider world and in many ways I try to make them as real as possible. Some have names. Some tell their stories freely while others reveal them slowly or not at all. Some display their strengths, others their failings. Some are Swordswallowers, Human cannonballs, Fireaters, Acrobats, Strippers, Sailors, Flappers or Toffs. Some are Fanatics, Mystics, Carnival revellers, Illusionists, Gamblers or Fallen angels. Some are Alcoholics, Resurrectionists, Butchers, Bakers or Candlestick makers, Humpty Dumptys, Harpies, Medusas, Madonnas, Snakemen hybrids or Multi-legged dance troupes. Some have sheep�s bodies and men�s heads. Some have a woman�s body and a sheep�s head . Some of them are just like me.

1974 BSc. Architectural Studies, Strathclyde University, Glasgow
1976 B Arch. Strathclyde University, Glasgow
1977 Registered as an architect. Associate of Royal Institute of Architects in Scotland

1996 SSA Scottish Society of Artists
1997 SSAC Scottish Artists and Artist Craftsmen (now VAS)
2000 VAS Visual Arts Scotland