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Aitken, Mairi
Dizzy Heights
Halfway There
Harbour Kircudbright
Lengthening Shadows, Cannes
Light at the Start of the Tunnel
Peak District in Winter
Snow, Slush, Sun and Shade, Derbyshire
Up Memory Lane
Up Town, Down Town, Old Town
Allan, Tom
Botero Robin
Botero Robin II
Hunting Otter
Onyx Dancer
Zig Zag
Anderson, Sarah
Bluebell Woods
Forest Fire
Lake Reflections
Summer Trees
Trees and Shadows
Trees and Shadows I
Trees in Autumn
Winter Trees
Awlson, Walter
Consider The Lily
Jane Kneeling, 2/12
Small Nude II
Sphinx II
Stretching Figure
The Swimmer
Banks, Lesley
Late Night Chat
Rialto Fishmarket II
Batchelor, Mary
Cherry Blossom Helensburgh
Evening Colours, Machir Bay, Islay
Homeward Bound
Moonlit Beach Walk
Rhu Bodach Farmhouse
View of Rum
Wild Poppies on the Dunes
Bathgate, John
Gruinard Bay
Hill Burn
Loch Na-Faolin, Skye
Morning, Coral Beach, Skye
Ord Beach Skye
Struan Jetty, Skye
Sutherland Croft
Towards Eigg
Bell, John
'Bright Blue Morning, Barassie'
Fields Near Whittingham, Northumbria
Fishing Boats at Tarbert
Looking North from Barassie
Low tide at Troon
Passing Cloud North of Troon
Reflections on calm water, North of Barassie
Rose Bushes on Barassie Shore
St Andrews, West Sands
Sun Breaking Through the Cloud at Troon, North Shore
The Beach at Troon in Winter
The Lomond Hills from the east of Fife
'Troon, North Shore'
Bennett, Paul
Broken Seas 2
Hidden Sea
Sea of Ruins I
State of Light III
Sun Rain
Bernard, Mike
Quiet Corner of Venice
Sheep In The Snow
Snowy Gateway
Birch, Lesley
Another Blue Mist
From Arran
Moon Floating
White Sands, Turquoise Sea
Black, Gwen
Best Days
Family Portrait I
Family Portrait II
Forever and A Day
House on the Hill
Just As They Assume
Letters Never Written
Lollypop Kids
North and South
Pen Friends
Standing Still
Tattoos On My Sleeve
Blanchard, Heather
Autumn Light
Cold Morning Light
Cold Winter Sunlight
Deep Snow
Early Spring Limes
Estate Snow
Melting Snow
Winter-Deep Tracks
Bourne, Matthew
Rockpools, Distant Stack, Sunlight
Above The Slate Mine, Drifting Clouds
Across the Estuary, High Wind
Against the Elements, Storm Force Winds
Ancient Hillside, Gorse, Clearing Cloud
Ancient Hillside, Gorse, Clearing Rain
Ancient Pathway, Rocky Ground, Mountain Pass
Below The Copper Mine, Mountain Lake, Gorse
Bluebells, Studio
Change of Season, Heavy Ground, Shaft of Light
Cove, Rockpools, Approaching Storm
Cut Flowers, Studio IV
Cut Flowers, Studio VII
Darkening Sky, Turned Earth, Rock
Distant Hillside, Lying Water, Fast Moving Clouds
Distant Peaks, Rock, Lichen, Lying Water
Drystone Wall, Hedgerow, Valley
Edge Of The Wood, New Growth, Valley
Elegy lV
Eroded Ground, Howling Wind
Eroded Ground, Storm Force Wind
Erosion, Slate, Howling Wind
Fallen Leaves, Mountain Lake
Fast Flowing Mountain Stream, Racing Clouds
Fast Moving Clouds, Grassy Hillside, Wild Flowers
Fearful Symmetry
Green Hillside, Lying Water, Breaking Sunlight
Gritstone Cliffs, Lying Water, Mist
Heavy Ground, Breaking Light
Heavy Ground, Clearing Sky
High Mountain Stream, Pool, Lying Water
High on the Mountain, Through the Mist
Howling Wind, Clearing Sky
Into the Cove, Rockpools, Bright Light
Low White Clouds, Hedgerow, Wild Flowers
Midnight, Breaking Wave
Midnight, Rockpools, Breaking Wave
Monolith, Mountain Range, Mist
Monolith, Rock, Strong Wind
Moonlight, Breaking Waves II
Moonlight, Incoming Tide, Sandstone Rocks
Moonlight, Rockpools, Sea Spray
Mountain Lake, Tree Lined Shore, Rocks
Mountain Range, Drifting Mist, Breaking Sunlight
Mountain Range, Gale Force Wind
Mountain Ridge, Rock, Low White Cloud
Night Storm, Breaking Waves
Offshore Storm, Headland, Breaking Waves
On The Moor, Drifting Mist, Heavy Ground
On the Moor, Lying Water, Drifting Mist
Ploughed Fields, Distant Tree Line, Fading Light
Red Rock, Stormy Sky
Riverbed, Valley, Rising Mist
Rocky Coastline, Sandstone, Breaking Waves
Rocky Headland, Sand, Rockpools
Rocky Outcrop, Mist on Moor
Rocky Pathway, Mountain Pass
Rolling Hill, Strong Wind, Wild Grasses
Safe Harbour
Scorch #lV
Sea Mist, Craggy Beach, Old Harbour Wall
Seaweed, Cove, Breaking Wave
Seed Heads, Late Summer, Rock
Seed Heads, Summer Evening, Stony Ground
Signs of Spring…
Snow Capped Mountains, Frozen Ground
Snow Covered Peaks, Slate, Howling Wind
Spring Colour, Mountain Lake, Lying Water
Spring Colour, Studio
Spring Colour, Studio II
Spring Colour, Studio III
Spring Colour, Studio IV
Spring Colour, Studio V
Stark, Rocky Coastline, Sea Spray
Summer Horizon
Sunrise, Sea Mist, Headland
Through the Valley, Racing River, White Water
Tidal Creek, Crimson Rock, Warm Light
Towards The Summit, Mountain Mist, Spring Colour
Turned Earth, Lying Water, Gusty Wind
White Water, Mountain Stream, Heavy Rain
White Water, Valley, Breaking Sun Light
Winter Hedgerow, Frozen Ground
Wooded Hillside, Lying Water, Gusting Wind
Wooded Hillside, Wild Flowers, Mist
You Know You Know
Cairns, Karen
"You've Been Glasgowed"
An Aperitif, The Rogano
Angel Wings & Venetian Gothic, Buchanan St, Glasgow
April Showers, St. Mark's Square, Venice
Ashton Lane Sparkles
Autumn Glory, Kelvinbridge
Big City Lights, London from the South Bank
Bright Lights, Glasgow University
Bronze and Castle Rock, Princes Street
Buchanan Street Bustle
Cafe Culture, Gordon St, Glasgow
Capital City from Calton Hill, Edinburgh
Clyde Built, Glasgow Titan
Cocktails at the Rogano
Evening Façade, Glasgow University
Gilded Bronze
Girders and Trusses, Forth Bridge
Glamour and Glitz, The Rogano
Glasgow Crown
Glasgow Gothic, University Avenue
Glorious Glasgow, Campsies from Queen's Park
Golden Glow,Gibson St, Glasgow
Gothic Tower Glow,University Avenue
Guardian Angel, Paisley Road West
Heilanman's Umbrella
Inn Deep, Up High, Kelvinbridge
Lanterns & Loves, China Town, London
Light in the North, Union Street, Aberdeen
Mackintosh Masterpiece, Glasgow School of Art
Midlothian Heartthrob, Princes Street Gardens
Molten Gold , River Clyde
Moon River, The Clyde
Night Life, River Clyde
Northern Lights, Union Street, Aberdeen
Old Town Heights, Ramsay Gardens
Open Sesame, Glasgow School of Art
Painting the Forth Bridge III
Pale Significance, Argyle Street
Peacock Blue and Vermillion Light, Buchanan St
Penthouse and Pavement, Victoria Street
Queen Cross Church Monumental Mackintosh
Red Building, Blue Water, Kelvinbridge
Red Roofscapes, Kelvingrove
Rush Hour, Bath Street
Shades of Buchanan
Sherbrooke Castle
Shimmering Titan on the Clyde
Show Time, The Hydro
Skyscraper, The Scott Monument
Slipped Halo, Oran Mor, Glasgow
Southside Setting Sun, Nithsdale Road
Sparklers and Umbrellas, The Rogano
Spire and Span, Kelvinbridge
Stars @ SECC
Steel Giraffes at Sunset on the Clyde
Street Lights and Hindlights, University Ave
Sun Setting Suspense, Forth River
Tail Lights in the Sunset, Nithsdale Road
Terracotta Towers, Kelvingrove Art Gallery
The Golden Hour, River Clyde
The Three Tenors, Venice
The Turn of the Swilcan Burn, St. Andrews
The Willow Tearooms
Titan Sky Hooks, Glasgow
Turrets and Towers, Glasgow University
Vaulting Ambition, Glasgow University
Venetian Gold
Walking in Gold, Argyle St.
Wee Poky Hat
West End Girls
West End Glitz, Ashton Lane, Glasgow
West End Walkway, Glasgow
Winter's Evening, University Avenue
Cameron, Thomas
Park Circus
Winter Morning (Glasgow)
Campbell, Jim
Flow, St Mary's Isle
Kirkcudbright Bay
Storm I, Dark Sky
Storm II, Saturation
The Bridge, High Tide Rain
Cantwell, Kevin
Carby, Iain
A Palm in a House with a Red Vase
Alison and the Ocean Queen
Ardnachun Bay
Charisma and Lady Helen
Chequerboard Fields I
Chequerboard Fields II
Haven Behind the Headland
One Village Looked Over the Other
Red Trees by a Farm
The Blue Scarf
The Fountain in the Gardens at Matarro
The Green Tree in Rue Miro
The Ocean Queen in Port
The Palms
Carrington, Sarah
Autumn Fields
Calm Sky, Isle of Gigha
Chalbha Beach, North End, Iona
Clouds and Rain
Clouds, Sligineach, Iona
Dark Sky and Grasses, Portuairk, Ardnamurchan
Dark Sky over Rum and Eigg
Distant Breakers
Distant Breakers, Co. Donegal
Dusk over Dutchman's Cap from Mull
Dusk over Largo Bay
Evening clouds at low tide. Aberlady bay
Garden, Summer, Iona
Low Tide At Yellow Craigs
Low Tide, Crail
Low Tide, Knockvologan, Isle of Mull
Path to the Sea, Iona
Rain Approaching
Rain Clouds over Tory Island, Co. Donegal
Rain Clouds, Gigha
Rocks and Sand, Iona
Rocks and Sands, Iona
Shallows, the Bay at Fionnphor, Isle of Mull
Staffa & Treshnish Isles from Mull
Storm Clouds, Causeway Coast
Storm Clouds, Firth of Forth
Storm Clouds, Isle of Gigha
Storm Island, Iona
Summer Fields and Sea, Ardnamurchan
The River Clyde from the Erskine Bridge
The Sound of Iona
The Sound of Iona
Towards Calf Island, Iona
Towards Dutchman's Cap and Staffa from Iona
Towards Erraid, Knockvologan, Mull
West Shore, Iona
White Sand, North End, Iona
Wild Flowers, Ardnamurchan
Windy Day, Catterline
Carruthers, Scott
Caractars #I: Inner Tiger
Caractars #II: Inner Chimp
Caractars #III: Inner Stag
Girl with Heart
Inner Chimp
Inner Stag
Inner Tiger
Keys to the World
Kid For Today
Look At It My Way
One Love
Part of the Plan
Roll the Dice
Ups and Downs
What's the Story
Where's Warhol?
Carter, Pam
Geary Crofts and Carrots
The Community Box
Cheape, Malcolm
Aberdeen Harbour Sketch
Barges Awaiting Flood
Cruser on Dry Dock
Fishing Boats at Quay
Fishing Boats in Port
Fishing Boats, Low Tide, Sketch
Grand Canal Venice
Harbour Reflection
Harbour Scene
Harbour Scene ( Whitby )
HMS King George V
HMS Surprise
Low Tide
Lowtide, Pittenweem
Ship at Sea
Ship in Storm
Tallship at Quay
Tallship at Sea
Tallship in Dry Dock
Tallship Sailing
Ullapool Fishing Boat
Venice Canal
Venice Sketch
West Coast Supper
Clark, Christine
A Place of our Own
After the Rain
All Dogs Go To Heaven I
All that Glitters
Dismantle the Sun
Edge of the Earth
Giraffe and Vino
Giraffe Smokes & Vino
Grand Piano
Magic Boots
Rooftop Rest III
Summer Rain
Summer Rain and Sausage Dogs
The Empty Chair
The Sound of the Sea
The Wishing Tree
Clark, Mairi
Cliffs North Coast
Clyne, Angus
Ash Burr Bowl (Burnt interior)
Olive Ash
Olive Ash Bowl
Olive Ash Bowl, small black rim
Shallow Oak Bowl
Spalted Ash Bowl (Burnt Rim)
Spalted Beech Bowl
Spalted Beech Vase
Spalted Beech Vase
Spalted Beech Vase II
Spalted Sycamore Bowl
Spalted Sycamore Bowl
Spalted Sycamore Bowl
Spalted Sycamore Bowl (Burnt Rim)
Spalted Sycamore Bowl II
Spalted Sycamore Bowl III
Spalted Sycamore Vase
Wet Turned Cherry Bowl
Yew Vase
Comrie, Rowena
Blue Road
Firth of Forth
HMS Duncan, From Portsmouth to the Clyde
HMS Duncan, Under Construction
Lilac Nudge
Main entrance moonshine
Orange Cloud
Sea Drift
Sudden Blue
Todhead from Catterline
Top Gallant
Walberswick Nights
Wild Sea
Wind Over The Hills
Winter Remnants
Connell, Alan
If You Go Down To The Woods Today
The Battle of Trafalgar
Crawford, Fraser
Boy in a Straw Hat
Cherry Blossom
Girl in a Wood
Girl with a Fan
The Little Patriot
The Visitor
Woman in Red
Cunningham, Elaine
Auchmithie, Angus
'Coast - North Sea I'
'Coast - North Sea II'
Ghost Ship
Inchcape I
Inchcape II
Night Sky, North Sea
North Sea 3 Arbroath
North Sea I
'Storm - North Sea I'
Whitingness I
Daly, Felix
DaviesJenkins, Ben
A Delicate Hope
A Living Hope
A New Vision
A Personal Encounter
A Time to Reconsider
Ablutions I
An Uncertain Truth
Another Contemplation
Beyond Reason
Comfort in the Light
In a New Light
Into the Light
Prisoner of the Light
Tomorrow's Angel
Davis, Denise
Coppice I
Coppice II
Dawson Taylor, Pamela
Harris, Western Isles
Harris, Western Isles
Derks, Lesley Anne
Goma by Night
Goma Glow
GOMA Lights
High Street Dusk, Edinburgh
Hotel Du Louvre, Paris
Krakov by Night
London Eye by Night
Seine by Night
Thames by Dusk I
Thames by Dusk II
The Lights of the Big Apple
Towards St. Georges, Tron Church, Glasgow
Towards the Concert Hall at Midnight
Twilight - The Trongate
View from the Rockefeller Center
Dewars, Alex
Calton Hill
Calton Kiss
Dewart, Carol
Bridgeton Cross Umbrella
Charing Cross Mansions
George Square
Glasgow Cathedral
Glasgow University, Winter
Kelvingrove Art Gallery
Pavilion Theatre
The Mitchell Library
Dick, Alison
Castle Rock
Paradise Gardens
Wish You Were Here
Docherty, Carol
Broad Sterling Silver Carved Band
Large Sterling Silver Box Heart Necklace
Lightly Textured Sterling Silver Band with Peridot
Sterling Silver and Dove Grey Pearl Ring
Sterling Silver and Pearl Ring
Sterling Silver Box Heart Necklace with 9ct Gold Heart
Sterling Silver Carved Band (1)
Sterling Silver Carved Band (II)
Sterling Silver Carved D Band
Sterling Silver Earrings with Amethysts
Sterling Silver Earrings with Etched Thistles
Sterling Silver Earrings with Swiss Blue Topaz
Sterling Silver Rectangle Box Necklace with Swiss Blue Topaz
Sterling Silver Rectangular Box Necklace with Amethyst
Antrim Cliffs
Autumn Showers
Clachtol Bay
Looking Back/Arisaig
Outlet, Evening Flight
Reflected Moon
Roaring Surf, Evening Light
Rolling Breakers
Rolling Surf, Sandwood Bay
Sango Bay/Durness
Shore Front, Iona
Spring Breeze
St Andrews Castle
Storm, Easdale
West Sands, St Andrews - In the Moonlight
Where Sea Birds Fly
Wild Evening and High Surf
Dubnyckyj, Alicia
Buchanan Street, Glasgow
Canary Wharf IX
Canary Wharf VIII
Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow
George Square, Glasgow
Powell Street II
St Pauls II, London
Times Square XIII
Trongate, Glasgow
University of Glasgow I
Dyer, Cherylene
Paper Crowns
Paper Crowns II
Paper Dolls Study #1
Eardley, Ron
Backcourt Shawlands
Ca'da Mosta, Venice
Dunure Harbour
Gardner Street
George Square
George Square
Glasgow Univeristy
Horeshoe Bar
House for an Art Lover
House for an Art Lover
Palazzi Grand Central
Palazzo Pisani, Moretta
Palazzo Sagredo
Piazza Bra, Verona
Poppies, Seatown, Lossiemouth
Springhill Gardens, Shawlands
St Monans, Fife
Terrace, South Queensferry
The Glasgow School of Art
Edward, Mark Nicholas
A Chasing Tail
Earnest Importance
Hop II
Never Grey
Penumbra I
Penumbra II
Penumbra III
Scottish Waters I
Scottish Waters II
Scottish Waters III
Scottish Waters IV
Scottish Waters V
Scottish Waters VI
Spirits in the Water I
Spirits in the Water III
Spirits in the Water IX
Taking a Bath I
Taking a Bath II
The Jolly Buccaneers
Elliot, Ian
A Summer's Day, Mallorca
Barbed Wire, Perthshire
Boats in The Sun, Mallorca
Bridge, Pollok Park
By the Riverbank, Pollok Park
Corner Cluster, Calvia
Distant Snow Line
Down By The Farm, Ayrshire
Early Frost, Ayrshire
Early Walk, Pollok Park
February, Pollok Park
Field in Sunshine, Ayrshire
Garden Plots, Arno Valley, Tuscany
Grey Skies, Ayrshire
Morning Sun, Winter
On The Beach
Pale Winter's Moon, Ayrshire
Roadside Casa, Calvia
Rolling Landscape, Mallorca
Shaded Back Street, Palma
Side Road, Stirlingshire
Snow on the Hills
Star Reflection
Stormy Skies
Sunny Morning, Pollok Park
The Red Car
The Snorkler
Westerly Wind Blowing
Woodland Walk, Rouken Glen
Erskine, Scarlett
Gold Plated Skinny Ring Size L 1/2
Gold Plated Stack Ring Size N
Gold Plated Stud Earrings
Oxidised Silver Skinny Ring Size L
Oxidised Silver Stack Ring Set Size N
Oxidised Silver Stud Earrings
Rose Gold Plated Skinny Ring Size L 1/2
Rose Gold Plated Stack Ring Size L
Rose Gold Plated Stud Earrings
Silver and 6mm London Blue Trillion Cut Mini Exposed Pendant
Silver and 6mm Sky Blue Topaz Bangle
Silver and 7mm Round Sky Blue Topaz Exposed Necklace
Silver and 8mm Rose Quartz Ring Size N
Silver Skinny Stack Ring Size L
Silver Stack Ring Size L
Silver Stud Earrings
Evans, Margaret
Almost a Rainbow
Ardvasar & Beyond
Buchaille First Snow
Corner Reflections
Cuillin Evening
Cuillins from Ord
East Neuk Fishing Boats
Evening Grazing
First Snow - Pap of Glencoe
Glen Brittle Road
Glen Orchy Sunset
Glencoe Pinks
Grey Veil, Glencoe
Last of the Snow Glencoe
Lost Valley Glow Glencoe
Lost Valley Mists
Moonlight Journey
Narrow Light
Old Steading near Rannoch
Orange Glory, Glencoe
Powerful Light
Rannoch Greys
Rannoch Pinks
Red Earth Ryvoan
River Patterns Glencoe
Riverbed, Sligachan
Strathtummel Road
Tay Sunset
Torridon Glory
Turqoise Reflections
Warming the Day
White Sands, Iona
Winter Glow Glencoe
Winter Sun Schiehallion
Winters Eve Glencoe
Woodland Tracks
Yonder Light, Skye
Everett, Robin
A Small Spark Vs. a Great Forest
Arkaig's Crossing
Black Corries
Blackwater II
Company II
Deer Beds
Dessary II - To A'Chuil
First Light II
It Broke on the Fourth Day
Last Light II
Low Lying/Early Lift
Millenium Forest to Langus
Nevermore and Not-Yet
Rolling Silence/Robin's Nest
Faulding, Rebecca
Aerial Aspect
Gold Wrap
Study for Gold Wrap II
Faulds, Alan
Chinese Whispers
Glasgow Green, June 1908
Heart of Darkness (Ardnishaig to Tarbert)
Match of the Day
Olympic Sailing Gold 1612
Sir Williams Big Day Out
Sunny Jim Gets Hitched
The last ironclad leaves the Holy Loch
We donner doon ra watter
We Got 'em Old No. 40 Wash Day Blues Again
Fazzi, Emilio
Casa Trai Campi
Casa Verso Camaiore
La Capanna
Panorama Morianose
San Michele
San Michele d'antunno
Villa a Lara
Villa in Montagna
Villa Tra Alberi
Fitchet, Tommy
Arran Coast
Arran Reflections
Calm Skies, Arran
Golden Coast
Memories of Summer
Moonlight Coast, Arran
Moonlight Shores
Peaceful Coast
Red Sky at Night
Red Sunset Over Bay, Arran
Forsey, Chris
Along the Jetty, Crail
Along the Tideline, Crail
Autumn Birch, Loch Carron
Beck, Snow and Cottages
Blowing in the Sun, Sandend
Blue Frosting
Boats and Cottages, Harbour, Pittenween
Cliff Edge and Bouquet
Colours of Spring, Crovie
Crail, Gulls and Reflections
Crail, Harbour Reflections
Distant Skye, Duirnish
Down to Durnish
Evening Light, Westerly Wind
Evening Quiet, Portsoy
Frosty Fields & Evening Lights
Gorse & Glittering Waters, Loch Carron
Harbour Entrance, Crail
Harbour Entrance, Pittenweem
Harbourside Colours, Crail
Into the Highlands, Loch Carron
Lighthouse, Amber Mountains, Loch Carron
Mist and Thistles, Knock Castle, Skye
Morning Mist, Crail
Pennly Cove, Crail
Plockton, End of a Fine Day
Plockton, Sunshine & Showers
Spring Morning Sunshine, Plockton
Stone, Slate and Spring Greens
Sun Before Showers, Sandend
Sun, Peace & Quiet, Pennan
The Don in Winter
Thrift, Surf and Dunnottar Castle
Warm Shadows, Crail
White Bark, Autumn Birch, Loch Cluanie
Winter Evening, Duirnish
Fowler, Sheila
Barra Machair with Yellow Flowers
Beach Rocks & Wet Sands, Iona
Beach Rocks Iona
Majorca Blues
Park Terrace
Purple Tulips
Roses in an Orkney Jug
Spotted Jug with Wildflowers
Summer Bouquet
Summer Garden Flowers
Summer Skies & Beach Rocks, Iona
White Sands and Wildflowers, Iona
Yellow Roses in a Striped Jug
Franc, Barbara
Great Tit II
Long tailed Tits
Scarlet and Yellow Macaw
Francis, Julia
Autumn Joy
Copper Iris
Hidden Thoughts
Red Hoop
Rhythmic Ribbon 2
Rhythmic Ribbon 4
Galloway, Alec
Babylon Sister
Blue Brigitte
Catching the Wave
El Pais
Every December Sky
January Song
Shoreline Rosary
Winter Light
Gardner, Alexandra
"The Struggle" La Traviata
Ayumi in a Feather Hat
Hat by Mr. Smith
Japanese Model
Plaza Memories
Study for Al Fresco
Garner, Todd
Aloha from Hawai
Deluxe Conversation
Grand Day Out
Green Hat
Rainbow Room, N.Y.
Smalltown USA
Taverna Conversations
Three Graces
Willow Tearoom Mezzanine
Willow Tearooms
Gibbs, Mark
Frozen Forest
Ice Forest Dolman
Memorial to the 51st Highland Division
Searching for the Colour Khaki. Cavalry scout British Indian Army, Middle East 1
Seasons' Turn
Shells V106
The Long, Long Khaki Trail. Lancer British Indian Army
Way of Empires: Königsberg
Gilchrist, Hamish
Barn Owl
Hawes Inn
Gillie, Claire
Summer Deluge
Greer, Simon
Blue Genie
Hold on Red Hot
Grundon, Jemma
Sudden Movement
The Sky is Turning
Towards the Light
Gurney, Julia
Across the Braes of Doune
Ben Eich Loch Lomond
Ben Lomond, Snow
Brightening Up
Dumgoyach, Towards Luss Hills
Dunalastair Water
Howe of Cromar, Aberdeenshire
Loch Doine From Ardcarnaig
Loch Katrine
Haldane, Fiona
Morning Snow, Glen Shee
Sligachan Water, The Cullins Skye
Haldenby, Ellisa
Arizelum I
Gallica III
Lilium III
Rhododendron III
Rhododendron IX
Rosa Jubilee Purple II
Hartley, Brian
Eternal Feedback # 1
Transient Equilibrium # 3
Transient equilibrium # 5
Travelling at the Speed of Light I
Healy, Ian
Henderson, Owen
Shower over Loch Coruisk
Summer's Dusk
Hendry, Steve
Belief versus Awareness
Silent Thoughts
UFC Boxer
Hood, Andrew
Côte d'Azur - Nice
Edge of Grasse
The Riviera
Top of Cockburn Street
Walk in the City
Hood, Jonathan
3 take 5
A Flight of Balloons
Beach Game ll
Dancing Under A New Moon
Fruit of the Gods (one of 5 a day)
Fuel to Burn
Jam with Spoons
Lovers with Apples
Sea Level #2
Three Revellers With Floating Lanterns
Three Sisters
Yellow Cab for a Prodigal Son
Hutchison-Orr, Kevin
Autumn, Campsie
Bottle of Bols
Breakfast Table
Fallen Daffodil
Red and Brown
Riverside Church
Stripey Jug and Flowers
The Stables, Kirkintilloch
White Cup and Flowers
Inglis, Cate
Johannsen, Alex
A Mother's Love
Blonde Pug
Bobble Hat Penguin
Boston Terrier - "Frank"
Bulldog - "Rose"
Chihuahua I - "Baxter"
Chiuhahua II - "Pepe"
Christmas Hat Penguin
English Bull Terrier I - "Gordon"
English Bull Terrier II - "Donald"
Inside I'm 12
Jack Russell I - "Benson"
Jack Russell II - "Daisy"
Ode to a Soft Centre (Orange Cream)
Penguin I
Penguin II
Penguin with Birthday Cake Hat
Penguin with Bowler Hat I
Penguin with Bowler Hat II
Penguin with Bowler III
Penguin with Christmas Hat
Penguin with Christmas Hat II
Penguin with Cupcake Hat
Penguin with Fez Hat II
Penguin with Fez I
Penguin with Fez II
Penguin with Party Hat
Penguin with Sombrero
Penguin with Top Hat
Penguin with Wooly Hat I
Penguin with Wooly Hat I
Penguin with Yellow Fish, Blue Spots
Penguin with Yellow Fish, Green Spots
Penguin, King of Hearts
Penguin: King of Hearts
Penguin: Ode to a Soft Centre (Coffee Cream)
Penguin: Ode to a Soft Centre (Strawberry Cream)
Pug - "Henrietta"
Red Spot Fish Penguin
Scottish Pug
Yellow Spot Fish Penguin I
Yellow Spot Fish Penguin II
Johns, Sally-Ann
Love Birds
Johnston, Steve
A Blast From the Past
A Cold Day
Float Like a Butterfly
Forever Yours
How High The Moon
I Think the Artist Likes Dogs
Lovers In the Rain
My Girl
Our Future
So in Love
Somehwere Out There
The Painting
The Rose
Where Dreams Come True
Kelly, Rebecca
Hare Portrait
Highland Cow
Running Hare
Kennedy, Robyn K.
Across Loch Ness
Beauly Firth I
Beauly Firth II
Black Isle
Cromarty Firth 1
Cromarty Firth 2
Culloden Moor
Culloden Woods
Loch Watten
Towards Moray Firth
Kerr, Eloise
Blackface Sheep
Hare II
Kerr, William McLean
Afternoon, Kelvingrove Park
Arran at Sunset
Bright Lights, Big City
Dunure Lighthouse and Castle
Dusk, Kelvingrove
Dusk, Kelvingrove II
Finnieston Crane at Dusk
Gallery of Modern Art
Moroccan Fruit Seller
Moroccan Orange Seller
People Make Glasgow
Quiet Day, St.Monans
Red Door, Dunure
Reflections, Arran
Sunny Afternoon, Kelvingrove
Sunset Over Clyde
Sunshine on Leith
Towards Islay from Jura
University of Glasgow at Dusk
West Coast Sunset
King, Peter
The Cuillins
Kinniburgh, Tracey
A New Day
Branching Out
Burst of Colour
Dusk Sky
Golden Beach
High Society
Pink Clouds
Pink Dreams
Purple Hills
Shade of Gold
The Ferns
Tree on the Rocks
White Dreams
Kourenkova, Elena
All is not what is seems II
All is not what it seems
All is not what it seems III
All is not what it seems IV
Anyplace, Anywhere
I who holds all the Aces
If I can dream
Keeping Up Appearances III
Keeping Up Appearances IV
Man Doesn't Live on Bread Alone
Maybe I Will, Maybe I Won't
Someone Has to Set a Bad Example
Was She In Love Or Was It Allergies?
Kramek, Pat
Beach Cottage, Kildonan
Blue Sea, Colonsay
Coming Home
Cottages Isle of Bute
Cuillins, Skye
First Light, Jura
Getting Dark, Harris
Glen Coe
Happy day St Cyrus
Holy Isle, Arran
Jura from Colonsay
Lighthouse Portpatick
Lochranza Castle
Luce Bay
Mellon Udrigle
Montrose Fields
Mull of Galloway Lighthouse
Old Cottage Glen Coe
One day Last Summer, Crovie
Paps of Jura
Paps of Jura from Colonsay
Sand Dunes
Scalpsie Bay, Bute
Spring, Barra
Still Sea St Monans
Summer, Mull of Galloway
Sunny Morning, Skye
The Cottage, Kildonan
The Cuillins
The Cuillins
The Hebrides
The Puffer
Lander, Jennifer
A Row of Gemstones
Amazonite Encircled
Amethyst and Citrine Drops
Peridot Blooms
The Purple Heart
Long, Mandy
High Jump
Lorenz, Kirsty
Two In A Bed
Lyon, Alison
Evening Storm, Arisaig
Fast Flowing, River Etive
Last Light, Firth of Clyde
Tideline, Morar
Towards Cumbrae, Firth of Clyde
Lythgoe, Mike
7 Wee Blue Fish
Little Terns With Wee Mackerel
Single Wee Mackerel
Single Wee Mackerel
Single Wee Mackerel
Single Wee Mackerel (wall mounted)
Single Wee Mackerel (wall mounted)
Wee Mackerel I
Wee Mackerel V
Macdonald, Donald
Curl #2
Hand Study #1
Hand Study #2
Port of Ness
Reclining Figure
The Fall #2
The Fall #3
Waiting to Fall
MacLeod, Este
In The Grey Room
Little Daisies
Machrie Moors in May
MacLeod, Fiona
Across the Water
Autumn, Fife
Autumn, Lomond Hill
Blustery Dunes
Distant Hills
Farmland, Fife
Fife Farmland
June Fence, Broughty Ferry
Pearly Morning
Rising Moon
Rocks and White Horses
Spring Farmland
Spring Fields
Spring Fields Fife
Spring Fields Fife
Spring Flowers
Spring Flowers, Lago Di Trasimeno
Spring, Lomond Hill
Strawberry Moon
Summer Fife
Trasimeno Summer
Umbrian Lake
Wild Flowers
Mahmood, Shazia
Bla Bheinn from Ben Meabost
Eilean Iarmain Sunrise
Loch Cluanie
Loch na Cuilce
Plockton to Skye
Road to Kylesku, Sutherland
Sango Bay
Sunset Elgol
Sunset in Cuillins
The Cuillins from Sgurr na Stri
The Cullins from Ord
The Sound of Sleat
Yosemite Valley
Mahon, Gary
Boats, Low Tide, Armadale Bay
Greer Shallows
Ruin, Tarskavaig
Shore Croft House
Sunset Over the Cuillin
The Three Houses
Martin, Gio
Martha and Maeve
Mary and Miranda
Three Girls Sharing a Large Fish
Two Girls With Potted Flowers
Maylin, Heloise
Here I Come
McArthur, Patsy
Compression I
Look Before You Leap
Muck with Brass 2
Night Watch Study
One Great Leap # 2
Warrior # 2
McKean, Graham
Cherry Blossom
Save the Last Dance for Me
Stack of RBS used Fifty Pound Notes
Whirli Gig
McKinstry, John
Hilltop Farm
Storm Approaching
McLaren, Lesley
Drinking in the View
Found Treasure
Full Moon Rising
Summer Table
The Story of the Stars
Visitor on a Window Sill
Watching the Waves
McMurchie, Adrian
"Ashton Lane, Grosvenor"
Atlantic View, Lisbon
Champagne and Oysters
Dawn Over St. Mark's Cathedral
Early Morning Stroll
Finnieston Crane
Gallery of Modern Art
George Square, Unfolded
Glasgow Uni
Glasgow University in Spring
Glasgow University Tower
Graduation Day
Mitchell Library
Mitchell Library
Modern Art
Modern Outlook
Pisa Baptistry
Pollok House
Ramsay Gardens
Summer at the People's Palace
Templetons Carpet Factory
The Final Lecture
The Scott Monument
Trafalgar Square, Unfolded
Victorian Glasgow
McNeile Jones, Andrew
A Brief Dreamtime of Happiness
A Jug of Parrot Tulips
'And So, This Was How It Would Be'
'Bending the Tops of the Trees'
Cherries, Glass, Water (III)
Figs and Damask Cloth
'Give Me Time To Remember'
Into the Arms of Venus (II)
It's Your Turn Now
Michaelmas Daisies
Morello and White Cherries
One of These Silent Days
Oranges and a Pocket Knife
Pink and Red Poppies
Three Washed Cherries
Meuli, Jonathan
Clyde Dock (Yellows)
Flower Study #5
Glasgow Docks I
Glasgow Docks II
M8 Junction 15 (dyptch)
Moffat, Sandra
Dusk, Central Park
Edinburgh Views
Entrance to Glasgow Green
In The Wee Small Hours
Night At The Museum, Kelvingrove
Morton, Clare
Good As We Are
Living in Brooklyn
Sticky Trance Dancer
Zig Zag
Mulvie, Ruth
Beach Ball
Fancy Nancy
French Martini
Red Balloons
Mylles, Peter
After The Rain
Glen Ogil
Naismith, Scott
Ailsa Craig
Arietta Loch Study
CMY Bouquet I
CMY Loch Study
Hebridean Light
Nardini, Peter
A Californian Wave
Byres Road Shuffle
Campus, Glasgow Uni
Evening Classes
Finnieston Crane
Long Shadows, Kelvingrove Park
Parked on a Double Yellow
Springtime, Botanic Gardens
The Finnieston Crane
Oates, Martin
Anderston Winter
Blues Wester Ross
Crofts Scourie
Estuary Argyll
Full Moon, Perthshire
Gable, Ullapool
Glasgow Central Station
Nightsky Argyll
Plaza Mayor Madrid
Skye Farms
Two Crofts, Skye
Winter Road Argyll
O'Brien, Joe
Another Path
Innocence Confused
Look Inside
Middle Age Spread
Night Flight
Parrot Fashion
Towit, To Woo
You are what you eat
Young Faun
Pape, Dorte
Birds at Sunset Panel (Large)
Birds of a Feather Panel
Blackbird I
Blackbird II