Artist John Gerard Anusas

Remembered Sunset

John Gerard Anusas

Media Oil
Type Abstract
Price £1000.00 / $1209.10
Size 81 x 50 cm
Ref 23807

John Gerard Anusas studied Fine art at Duncan of Jordanstone and now resides and works in Edinburgh. His work is a perfect and elusive combination of innovative and fresh ideas, executed with traditional techniques.

The artist has the following to say regarding his inspiration: "My feeling in touch is our most important sense, and in an increasingly visual world we may tend to overlook this. I think imagining life without the sensation of touch proves this to be true. I had always found the textures discovered in nature to be the most appealing aspect when spending time in the Scottish landscape. I find the textures of grass, rocks, sand etc very comforting and reassuring. There is also the visual textures you can see with you eye; clouds, sea, sky etc. Even though we cannot touch these I still find them just as satisfying to experience. I have a special attachment for two places in Scotland; The Trossachs and Northern Argyll. For me, these are the two most beautiful places on earth, they are also two places where I spent many summer holidays during my childhood. As opposed to traveling far and wide, I believe there is a special pleasure obtained from getting to know a couple of places very well.

The Scottish landscape is the biggest inspiration for me, but after that my main influences are the textures, atmosphere and colours created through the music of Ravel. His abstract way of working, by creating a vivid picture in the mind's eye of the listener has been a great influence to me. I have always tried to paint what I see, not just optically, but how it is translated emotionally to me. I therefore believe that the colours I use are completely accurate of the Scottish landscape, as they describe the emotions the landscape evoke.

After that my main influence has been the paintings and writings of Van Gogh, especially due to his deep, personal love for nature. I find Van Gogh's originality, honesty and profound love for life deeply inspiring. I have a special fascination for Pictish stone carvings and have always been entranced by their sculptural power and wild abstract depictions. I hope to show in my own paintings the special spiritual attachment I have for the Scottish landscape. I love the amazing textures and glazes produced in Rembrandt's paintings, and the swiftness of brush strokes used in Frans Hals' portraits.

Other influences include the landscape paintings of Turner, Constable, William McTaggart, Joan Eardley, Sisley, Pissarro, Corot, and the 'Barbizon school painters'- Daubigny, Rousseau and Jean-Francois Millet. The strong colours used in Venetian painters such as Titian have also inspired me. The abstract paintings of Mark Rothko have always appealed to me in the his painting appear to surround your senses in the same way as music can.""