Artist Katie Smith

Landscape 2

Katie Smith

Media Ceramic
Type Sculpture
Price Sold
Size 8 x 14 cm
Ref 24190
I create my 'Ceramic Landscapes' using a variety of hand building techniques. This allows me to build up detail in layers so my pots are rich in texture. I love to travel and to watch the scenery change as I journey along. For the past few years the British countryside has been my main source of inspiration and my work has focused on the wonderfully diverse landscapes here in the UK. Having a couple of energetic dogs means that everyday I’m walking amongst different landscapes looking for those, sometimes dramatic, changes brought about by the seasons and weather. I also look for rhythms and patterns in the detail of the landscape - be that trees or pylons and try to work these patterns into my ceramics. The unique surfaces of my work are created with a combination of oxides, slips and dry glazes. I build up layers at every stage of making trying to generate a strong sense of depth, intrigue and atmosphere. I graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 2009 where I studied a Decorative Arts degree and can now normally be found pottering away in the Red House Studio in North Hampshire.