Artist Robyn Cove

Medium Brown and Blue Bowl

Robyn Cove

Media Ceramic
Type Sculpture
Price £60.00 / $73.98
Size 21 x 11 cm
Ref 24741

“I adore functional studio pottery. I love making it, using it and looking at it.

The design of my pottery evolves naturally over time, The form and decoration are carefully considered, based on comfort for use. 

Each pot is hand made from start to finish by myself; I mix and wedge the clay, weigh, throw, trim, carve, and paint them. Each pot is fired in the kiln twice. Each piece is different from the last. They have their own lives through the making process before being sent out into the world to be used and admired. The things we live with should be objects that keep giving – the pots that feed us.”

Robyn Cove received her BA(hons) Ceramics from Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2008 and has been working in the field of ceramics ever since. She displays her work in shows, galleries, exhibitions and retail locations within the UK and internationally. She has lived in South West Scotland, the Isle of Skye, Yorkshire, and is now based in Cardiff, Wales, UK. Her pottery captures a rustic warmth with full forms and contemporary surface designs.


Robyn Cove is a Selected Maker on Craft & Design, and is also a member of South Wales Potters. Robyn is also an Associate Member of the Craft Potters Association (CPA).