Artist Bill Williamson

Elite Savages

Bill Williamson

Media Ceramic
Type Sculpture
Price £290.00 / $353.09
Size 19 x 33 cm
Ref 26369

Williamson's stoneware, figurative and functional ceramic work with colourful glazes and Raku pieces. A world of pattern and humour to explore at the Gallery!

"Forty odd years ago I trained as a potter in industry but gave it up for financial reasons when I married and had a family. I took a temporary job that lasted 26 years working on jet aircraft engines.

After taking early retirement, I moved to Argyll and began working with clay in the shadow of Britain’s nuclear weapons store. A lifelong interest in politics and the effect it has on society inspires most of my work which results in a mixture of pieces, some dark some humorous.

Recently I’ve worked on some pieces inspired by my mother and what I imagine a woman of her generation went through."