Artist Ruth Mulvie


Ruth Mulvie

Media Oil
Type Figure/Life
Price £490.00 / $623.56
Size 60 x 60 cm
Ref 7384

Beach Ball

Ruth Mulvie

Media Oil
Type Figure/Life
Price £536.00 / $682.10
Size 80 x 80 cm
Ref 6005

French Martini

Ruth Mulvie

Media Oil
Type Figure/Life
Price £490.00 / $623.56
Size 60 x 60 cm
Ref 7388
BA (hons) Fine Art


People describe my work as 'fun'. I think they are referring to the way I paint as well as the subject matter. Colour is at the heart of my work and playing with colour is the thing I most like about being a painter. Perhaps then that is why the subjects I choose lend themselves well to this exploration.

I like to paint in oil on canvas, I spend a long time mixing up the colours I work with but they re appear again and again in my work like the azure emerald swimming pools and the pink flamingos that I like to paint.

The imagery I pick to work from varies depending on what I feel like painting, but it all fits into several broad themes of pleasure. I think it developed when I was at art school and started making trips to Blackpool to photograph rollercoaster’s and the Tower Ballroom. I used strange filters and processing techniques to help me heighten the colours.

There is no hidden meaning in my work. I like people to view them as they are. I love the fact that the paintings go on a journey after they have been bought and that other people like them too.

When I graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2002 my paintings were all places of pleasure, or places I imagined. I live in Brighton now, by the sea, and perhaps my spiritual home.


Born 1979 County Durham, England

After graduation from Glasgow School of Art in 2002, I went on to continue working as an artist in Glasgow. During this time I was involved in the Independent studios which are based near the Clyde in Glasgow City Centre. I spent almost four years working from there. In that time I was represented by galleries at a number of leading Art Fairs in the UK as well as overseas in New York and Cannes. My work has been sold to private collectors in the UK and throughout Europe. In 2004 I was invited to take part in an exhibition in France which was supported by the Arts Council. In 2009 after working as an art Gallery Director in London for two years I decided to re train to become an art teacher.

I am now based in Brighton where I continue to make work and teach.


Ecole National Superieure des Beaux Arts, St Germaine, Paris (2000)
BA Hons Fine Art, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland (1998-2002)


Ruby Pier Gallery, Brighton, 2011, Edinburgh 2011
McGowan, Mulvie and Scott, Heinzel Gallery, Aberdeen, 2005
Derks, Lander and Mulvie, Bang and Olufsen, Glasgow, 2005
Cannes Art Fair, France, 2005
Glasgow Art Fair, 2005
Girls, Girls, Girls Lava, Glasgow, 2004
Love, Ruth Mulvie and Hideko Inoue, France, 2004
Patsy Mcarthur and Ruth Mulvie, Artco, Leeds, 2004
Group Show,, Edinburgh, 2004
Glasgow Art Fair, 2004
AAF, Battersea, London, 2004
Pleasure Delight, Art House Hotel, Glasgow, 2003
Jonathan Hood and Ruth Mulvie, Fotheringham Gallery, 2003, Glasgow, 2003
New Graduates, Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen.
Nutbush City, Kelly Cooper Barr, Glasgow, 2003
Graduates Show, Glasgow School of Art, 2002
Etrangeres, ENSBA, Paris, 2000